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Mapping Reed Tidal Marsh

Reed Tidal Marsh in 2007 Aerial Imagery

Reed Tidal Marsh ranks as a major marsh community in Delaware and the East Coast of the United States.  It has a code of CEGL004187 in the US National Vegetation Classification.  Reed grass (Phragmites australis) composes this vegetation community and is an exotic invasive species for the United States.  Reed grass occurs in totality or near totality in three vegetation communities in Delaware.  These communities include those in tidal areas and the subject of the series, Eastern Reed Marsh found in non-tidal wetlands and Common Reed Temperate Upland Herbaceous Vegetation located in uplands.  Remnants of the invaded community tend to make up the other plant species.  For Reed Tidal Marsh these species often include salt marsh cordgrass (Spartina alternifolia), salt meadow hay (Spartina patens) or salt shrub (Baccharis halimifolia).

Picture of Reed Tidal Marsh

                     Reed Tidal Marsh

Schedule of the series

The description above is the opening for a series on the mapping of Reed Tidal Marsh using 2007 aerial imagery in Delaware.  The posts below will describe the marsh types, how to identify them and situations where another community is present.  The order of the posts will be:

  • Reed Tidal Marsh Aerial Imagery Signatures
  • Cotton Marsh and its identification
  • Mustard Marsh and its identification
  • Mercury Marsh and its identification
  • Community Mixtures with Reed Tidal Marsh
  • Location of Reed Tidal Marsh

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