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Reed Tidal Marsh Aerial Imagery Signatures

Reed Tidal Marsh Signatures in Delaware

Reed Tidal Marsh in Delaware has three major aerial signatures based on 2007 imagery. They include cotton marsh, mustard marsh and mercury marsh.  The names describe their aerial imagery appearance.  Often a combination of the marsh types will occur together making it look like different marshes, but are the same.  Knowing the signatures becomes especially important when other marsh types are in the same area.

Cotton Marsh

Cotton marsh is the most common Reed Tidal Marsh signature in Delaware.  The name describes the puffy cotton look of the marsh.  It contains a range of variations based on stem density.

Picture of High Density Dirty Cotton Marsh

                 Cotton Marsh in Blackbird Creek watershed (outlined in blue)

Mustard Marsh

Mustard marsh looks like mustard or butter spread on the marsh surface and is the second most common signature.  This marsh type is found roughly from Little Creek and north in Delaware.

Picture of Mustard Marsh

               Mustard Marsh in Appoquinimink River watershed (outlined in red)

Mercury Marsh

Mercury marsh looks like liquid mercury and is the rarest Reed Tidal Marsh signature.  The shiny look apparently comes from the high amount of water present.  Edges of tidal ditches and tidal creeks primarily host these marshes.

Picture of Mercury Marsh

                       Mercury Marsh in Slaughter Creek watershed (outlined in red)

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