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Reed Tidal Marsh-Mustard Marsh

Overview of Mustard Marsh

This marsh is named because the aerial signature looks like dijon mustard and has a smooth to chunky look to it.  It does not have the puffy or shiny look present in the other types.  This form of Reed Tidal Marsh is found every once and awhile north of the Cedar Swamp watershed.  It can be one of the easiest forms of Reed Tidal Marsh to find and one of the hardest depending on the background marsh or the site conditions.  Often the marsh types can occur together (see below).  Site conditions could potentially cause the appearance of this marsh.

Picture of Mustard Marsh

                              Marsh from the Appoquinimink River watershed

Below is an image with mustard marsh in it.  See if you can find it.  An image with the delineated marsh is provided at the end of the post.

Picture of non-delineated Mustard Marsh


Aerial Image with two marshes together

Shown below is an aerial image from Blackbird Creek showing both mustard marsh and cotton marsh together.  Either of the Reed Tidal Marsh type can occur adjacent to one another.

Picture of Mustard and Cotton Marsh together

          “Mustard marsh” is outlined in red and “cotton marsh” is outlined in blue.

Picture of delineated Mustard Marsh

 Delineation of “mustard marsh” in the find a marsh image. For those of you looking at                    the combination image with both marshes, this is the same marsh.






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