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Series on the Piney Point Tract

Picture of Successional Maritime Forest at the Piney Point Tract

                               Successional Maritime Forest at Piney Point Tract


Piney Point Tract of Assawoman Wildlife Area

This post outlines a series starting today on the Piney Point Tract of Assawoman Wildlife Area in Delaware. This tract was covered in the Assawoman Wildlife Area report from 2011, which covered the tract from 1937 to 2007. This series represents an update that includes 2012 aerial imagery and more definition of mapping to 1:200 m.

The first post is an introduction of the tract location and physical features. Posts following will highlight changes in the tract from 1937 to 2012.  These changes include major vegetative categories such as forest, woodland, shrubland, herbaceous communities and marsh. Land covers and non-vegetated areas are covered next. Water features are the subjects of the next post.  The final post is a conclusion/summary of the series.  Below is the schedule of posts:

  1. Introduction to the Piney Point Tract
  2. Vegetation Community/Land Cover Maps
  3. Forests
  4. Woodlands
  5. Shrublands
  6. Herbaceous Communities
  7. Marsh Communities
  8. Anthropogenic Communities/Land Covers
  9. Non-vegetated Land Covers
  10. Water Features
  11. Conclusion/Summary from the series

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