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Piney Point Tract Anthropogenic Communities/Land Covers

Picture of Agricultural Field


Overview of Piney Point Tract Anthropogenic Communities/Land Covers

Five anthropogenic communities/land covers fill the Piney Point Tract, three of which, were not present in 1937 (Figure 1, Table 1). All of them, except for agricultural field, have gained in area since 1937. Going from 2002 the trends are mixed.  Agricultural, impervious surface and modified land have all gained in the recent period (2002-2012).  Semi-impervious surface has lost area.  In general, anthropogenic communities/land covers have lost area, both recent and historical.

Chart of Anthropogenic Communities/Land Covers

                  Figure 1.  Piney Point Tract Anthropogenic Communities/Land Covers

Table 1.  Piney Point Tract

Anthropogenic Communities/Land Covers     1937-2012 (m²)

  1937 2002 2007 2012
Agricultural Field 204,519.82 74,982.45 76,007.13 75,331.90
Cultivated Lawn 0.00 7,321.49 8,473.26 6,413.10
Impervious Surface 1,634.56 1,600.84 1,611.80 5,019.39
Modified Land 0.00 18,489.03 0.00 19,567.79
Semi-impervious Surface 0.00 14,400.40 11,947.64 9,415.00

Overview of Anthro/Land Covers

Picture of Agricultural Field

               Agricultural Field (file photo)

Agricultural Field

The amount of land in agricultural use has declined since 1937 at Piney Point.  However, it has increased somewhat since 2002.



Picture of Cultivated Lawn

           Cultivated Lawn (file photo)

Cultivated Lawn

Lawn, not present in 1937, now covers 1.6 acres of the tract.  The area has declined when compared to 2002.


Picture of Impervious Surface

             Impervious Surface (file photo)

Impervious Surface

Surface impervious to water includes roads and houses in the tract.




Picture of modified land

          Modified land at Piney Point

Modified Land

An impoundment, when dry, accounts for most of modified land at Piney Point.




Picture of semi-impervious surface

Semi-impervious Surface (dirt road) at Piney                                     Point

Semi-impervious Surface

Dirt roads in the tract compose the semi-impervious surface in the tract.







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