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Piney Point Tract Water Features

Picture of Indian River Bay


Piney Point Tract Water Features

Water coverage at Piney Point Tract includes Estuarine Coastal Polyhaline Water and Farm Pond/Artificial Pond (Figure 1, Table 1).  Estuarine Coastal Polyhaline Water has made a steady march upward through each successive imagery set.  Area of Farm Pond/Artificial Pond depends on water being present in the impoundment.

Chart of Piney Point Water Features

                                          Figure 1.  Piney Point Tract Water Features

Table 1.  Piney Point Tract Water Features

1937-2012 (m²)

  1937 2002 2007 2012
Estuarine Coastal Polyhaline Water 7,658.63 44,542.84 52,177.03 61,308.13
Farm Pond/Artificial Pond 0.00 3,219.43 18,431.76 3,119.89

Overview of Water Features

Picture of Woodland

        Estuarine Coastal Polyhaline Water

Estuarine Coastal Polyhaline Water

This water feature is present in Indian River Bay and its tributaries. This water has a salinity greater than 17 ppt.  The rate of inundation has increased from 1937 to 2012.  The rate from 1937-2002 is about 0.14 ac/yr.  From 2002-2007 it is about 0.38 ac/yr.  From 2007-2012 it is about 0.48 ac/yr.  This shows a gradual increase in the rate of rise.



Picture of Farm Pond/Artificial Pond

    Farm Pond/Artificial Pond (file photo)

Farm Pond/Artificial Pond

This feature includes isolated freshwater water bodies that are less than 5 acres in size.




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