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Delaware Watershed Water Inundation Series (2002-2017) #1


Picture of the Delaware River.

    Delaware River at the Delaware Stateline looking towards the Walt Whitman Bridge

Outline of the Water Inundation Series

The new 2017 aerial imagery for the State of Delaware is now available.  This post represents the start of a water inundation series relating to sea level rise and other factors in tidally influenced watersheds.  For the series, I will start at the upper end of the Delaware River and work downstream (south).  The first watershed discussed will be Naamans Creek.  A new category of water inundation starts with this post.

Inundation Information for each watershed

Each watershed description contains two tables with commentary.  Table 1 shows the area in acres covered by each water type going by salinity.  Table 2 shows the average rate of inundation in acres/year.  The information comes from a map of the tidal water present from aerial imagery analysis in five-year increments starting with 2002.

Section 1 of the Series

Section 1 of the series will cover watersheds from Naamans Creek, south to the C and D Canal.  These watersheds include:

  • Naamans Creek
  • Stoney Creek
  • Shellpot Creek
  • Christina River
  • Brandywine Creek
  • White Clay Creek
  • Upper Delaware River
  • Broad Dyke
  • Army Creek
  • Red Lion Creek
  • Dragon Run
  • C and D Canal
  • Back Creek
  • Pea Patch Island/Lower DE River

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