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Breakwater Harbor Watershed in Delaware

Breakwater Harbor Watershed Outline

                                                   Breakwater Harbor Watershed



Watershed Description

Breakwater Harbor lies northwest of Lewes, Delaware in northeastern Sussex County.

Picture of Breakwater Harbor watershed

          Breakwater Harbor Watershed

Watershed Area:  795 acres (322 hectares)

Location:  Northeastern Sussex County, north of Lewes and Rehoboth Canal watershed.

Flow Direction:  Drains north into Delaware Bay, tidal.

Characteristics:  Agricultural and rural watershed with population centers at Frederica and Little Heaven.

Major Vegetation Communities/Land Covers


More than half of the Breakwater Harbor watershed is covered in Marine Nearshore Water. Beachgrass-Panicgrass is the largest vegetation community and ranks #2.  Beach and the related sand rank #3 and #4 respectively.  Central Coast Beach Heather Dune Shrubland rounds out the list at #5.

Breakwater Harbor Watershed Vegetation Community/Land Covers (Top 5 for 2007)
Vegetation Community/Land Cover Acres Hectares
Marine Nearshore Water 490.00 198.00
Beachgrass-Panicgrass Dune Grassland 78.00 32.00
Beach 44.00 18.00
Sand 42.00 17.00
Central Coast Beach Heather Dune Shrubland 28.00 11.00

*The table above is subject to change with more watershed mapping.

Managed Lands


  • Cape Henlopen State Park
  • Milford Neck Wildlife Area
Links of Interest


Vegetation Community/Land Cover Maps Available


One vegetation community/land cover map based on 2007 aerial imagery is available in .pdf format.  The map is in the process of completion and is provided “as is” for informational purposes.  Email for shapefile requests.