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Nanticoke River Watershed in Delaware

Picture of Nanticoke River Watershed

               Nanticoke River Watershed

Watershed Description

Picture of the Nanticoke River

Nanticoke River downstream of Middleford                                    Bridge.

The Nanticoke River watershed is the largest in Delaware and flows from Kent County through Sussex County and to the Chesapeake Bay.  It is tidal to just upstream of Seaford.  Population centers include Seaford, Bridgeville, and Greenwood.

Watershed Area:  86,234 acres (34,898 hectares)

Location:  Southern Kent County through western Sussex County to Maryland.  Marshyhope Creek borders it on the west and Broad Creek borders the east.

Flow Direction:  Southwest to the Chesapeake Bay.

Characteristics: Agricultural, rural and urban watershed.  Terrain is flat to rolling hills around sand ridges.

Major Vegetation Communities/Land Covers


More than half of the land area of the Nanticoke River watershed in agricultural use. Cultivated lawn and impervious surface in and around the towns take the #2 and #4 ranks.  Unidentified land ranks as #3 and Northeastern Coastal Plain Mixed Oak/Heath Forest finishes the list at #5.

Nanticoke River Watershed Vegetation Community/Land Covers (Top 5 for 2007)
Vegetation Community/Land Cover Acres Hectares
Agricultural Field 43,989.00 17,802.00
Cultivated Lawn 11,410.00 4,617.00
Unknown Forested Community 5,230.00 2,116.00
Impervious Surface 4,867.00 1,969.00
Northeastern Coastal Plain Mixed Oak/Heath Forest 3,399.00 1,376.00

*The table above is subject to change with more watershed mapping.

Managed Lands


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Vegetation Community/Land Cover Maps Available


One vegetation community/land cover map based on 2007 aerial imagery is available in .pdf format.  The map is in the process of completion and is provided “as is” for informational purposes.  Email for shapefile requests.