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Smyrna River Watershed in Delaware

Picture Smyrna River Watershed

                Smyrna River Watershed

Watershed Description

Picture of the Smyrna River

 Mouth of the Smyrna River at Delaware Bay

The Smyrna River in in Delaware in part forms the county line between Kent and New Castle Counties.  It is one of the larger rivers in state and is tidal up to just past the town of Smyrna.  This river historically was called Duck Creek and Duck Creek is one of its tributaries.

Watershed Area:  40,635 acres (16,444 hectares)

Location:  Smyrna River is located in northern Kent County and southern New Castle County in north central Delaware.  It is between Blackbird Creek on the north and Duck Creek on the south.

Flow Direction:  Generally northeasterly towards Delaware Bay.

Characteristics:  Agricultural, rural and urban (around Smyrna) watershed that has flat topography in the east and rolling hills in the west.

Major Vegetation Communities/Land Covers


Almost half of the Smyrna River watershed is in agricultural use.  Cultivated lawn and impervious surface rank as #2 and #4 and are increased with development in the watershed.  Mid-Atlantic Mesic Mixed Hardwood Forest is the largest “natural community” type and is ranked #3.  North Atlantic Low Salt Marsh near the Delaware Bay finishes the list at #5.

Smyrna River Vegetation Communities/Land Covers (Top 5 for 2007)
Vegetation Community/Land Cover Acres Hectares
Agricultural Field 18,736.00 7,582.00
Cultivated Lawn 5,633.00 2,280.00
Mid-Atlantic Mesic Mixed Hardwood Forest 3,643.00 1,474.00
Impervious Surface 2,367.00 958.00
North Atlantic Low Salt Marsh 1,639.00 663.00

*The table above is subject to change with more watershed mapping.

Managed Lands


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Vegetation Community/Land Cover Maps Available


One vegetation community/land cover map based on 2007 aerial imagery is available in .pdf format.  The map in the process of completion and is provided “as is” for informational purposes.  Email for shapefile requests.