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Stoney Creek Watershed in Delaware

Picture of Stoney Creek Watershed

               Stoney Creek Watershed

Watershed Description

Picture of Stoney Creek

       Stoney Creek in Bellevue State Park

Stoney Creek is a small urban Piedmont watershed in northern Delaware.

Watershed Area:  4,528 acres (1,832 hectares)

Location:  Northern New Castle County in northern Delaware between Shellpot Creek on the west and Naamans Creek on the east.

Flow Direction:  South towards the Delaware River.

Characteristics:  Urban watershed with steep slopes and rolling hills lowering towards Delaware Bay.

Major Vegetation Communities/Land Covers


Cultivated lawn and impervious surface rank as #1 and #2 showing the developed nature of the watershed.  Northeastern Modified Successional Forest is ranked #3 but far below the two top land covers in area.  Northern Piedmont Mesic Oak-Beech Forest is ranked #4.  Northeastern Old Field finishes the list at #5.

Stoney Creek Vegetation Communities/Land Covers (Top 5 for 2007)
Vegetation Community/Land Cover Acres Hectares
Cultivated Lawn 2,176.00 881.00
Impervious Surface 1,727.00 700.00
Northeastern Modified Successional Forest 218.00 88.00
Northern Piedmont Mesic Oak-Beech Forest 183.00 74.00
Northeastern Old Field 94.00 38.00

*The table above is subject to change with more watershed mapping.

Managed Lands


  • Bellevue State Park
  • Prior Tract Park
  • River Road Park
Links of Interest


  • None
Vegetation Community/Land Cover Maps Available


One vegetation community/land cover map based on 2007 aerial imagery is available in .pdf format.  The map is in the process of completion and is provided “as is” for informational purposes.  Email for shapefile requests.