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Upper Delaware Bay Watershed in Delaware


Outline of the Upper Delaware Bay watershed

                                                  Upper Delaware Bay Watershed

Watershed Description


Picture of Upper Delaware Bay Watershed

Upper Delaware Bay Watershed from Reedy                                      Point

Upper Delaware Bay watershed occupies Delaware Bay between the C and D Canal on the north and Port Penn, Delaware.  It includes Reedy Island.

Watershed Area:  6,226 acres (2,520 hectares)

Location:  Delaware Bay between C and D Canal and Port Penn, Delaware.

Flow Direction:  Generally south, entirely tidal.

Characteristics: Mostly estuarine water of Delaware Bay with a small amount of land.

Major Vegetation Communities/Land Covers


Delaware Bay composes most of the watershed.  A very small amount is present as Reed Tidal Marsh, Riprap and Beach.

Upper Delaware Bay Watershed Vegetation Community/Land Covers (Top 5 for 2007)
Vegetation Community/Land Cover Acres Hectares
Estuarine Coastal Mesohaline Water 6,158 2,492
Reed Tidal Marsh 68 28
Riprap 1 0.4
Beach 1 0.4

*The table above is subject to change with more watershed mapping.

Managed Lands


Links of Interest


Vegetation Community/Land Cover Maps Available


One vegetation community/land cover map based on 2007 aerial imagery is available in .pdf format.  The map is in the process of completion and is provided “as is” for informational purposes.  Email for shapefile requests.